Nashville ~ Backyard Trekker ~ Elliston Place

One of the hotspots in Nashville is a tiny nook behind West End near Vandy and downtown Nashville – Elliston Place.  This area is home to a number of restaurants, stores and music venues.  Take time in your Nashville journey to make a Backyard Trek to Elliston Place.

Food for Thought:

Elliston Place Soda Shop – classic Vandyland – mmm-Nashtown traditional good food.  This soda bar is rooted in history and nostalgia – the milkshakes are legendary – the atmosphere evokes the 1940s and 50s bringing to life simple recipes of a soda diner.  This comfort food for the ages.

Jimmy Kelly’s is located in a historic southern mansion in the heart of Nashville – Jimmy Kelly’s is arguably Nashville’s best steakhouse.  Since 1934 it has been providing guests with top-notch cuisine and service.  It is one of my favorite spots for a special occasion meal in Nashville.

Cafe Coco: Nashville is a city that howls under the light of moon.  I am a night owl – it is a time honored tradition.  My brain revs up at midnight.  My mom is the same way – we often found ourselves starving for a bite to eat after going to a late night movie at The Belcourt or a show at TPAC hungry for midnight grub.  One of my favorite late night haunts in Nashville is Cafe Coco – I did not mention it on the coffee and tea grab list because Cafe Coco has its own distinct personality – it is a coffee house, but it is also an all-night diner in the core of Elliston urban Vandy noise. Cafe Coco is a noted MUSIC spot of its own with great shows by singer-songwriters.  This was my late night escape – especially when my neighbors had three a.m. drum practice.  🙂 Life in Music City was never dull ~ This is what I’m talking about! ~ Double Trouble Double mocha w/ white chocolate.
Served HOT… Select ICED if you want it served COLD.   4.75

*In the greater vicinity you’ll find the original Logan’s Steakhouse and sea food bar Rotiers

Literary Haunt…Elder’s Bookstore is located adjacent to Elliston Soda Shop – it is a premier purveyor of rare and used books – a literary hounds dream haunt –

Music Venues:

Music Rocks on Elliston:


The world renowned Exit/In has hosted famous musicians from the heyday of 70s/80s rock to present day Indie rock and beyond – it is one of the great venue stops in your Nashville music tour.

Across the street you’ll find the alternative music hook up The End.

Need a place to stay: The Homewood Suites and Vanderbilt Hampton Inn are within walking distance.  Make a point to explore Elliston Place during your stay in Music City

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