Adele Belle is website dedicated to exploring culture through food, thought, travel, home decor, fashion, music and sound, books and the great beyond.  My name is Adele.  I am southern raised, with wanderlust in my bones and sweet elegance in my charms.  I am a Tar Heel, who attended Belmont University in Nashville TN where I pursued my dream of being a songwriter before a down economy led me to hit the open road.  My car died in Bozeman Montana, a place I always loved.  I set up shop as a music booking agent and novelist in the shadow and grace of the Rocky Mountains and caldera of Yellowstone National Park  before the south called me back home.

I am gracious, empathetic, daring, adventurous.  I have deep roots, allowing my tall branches to dance in the wind.  This site is a petri-dish cultivating.  I envision Adele Belle as being an resource – where readers can journey into tips and ideas in home organization, baking, travel, music, books…the list goes on.  I am a history lover, writer, musician, vagabond, volunteer, debutante…Adele Belle is an eclectic blend of soulful and practical features.  Community is a focus – culture is about community, the internet is about connectivity – I hope this is a blog you can plug into for a little practical therapy, insight, fun and good beats and vibes.

A few blog features we cook up regularly:

Messy Closet/Clean Closet – this is a series about cleaning and organizing your closet and beyond.

StyleFILE: Timeless Fashion Tips and Advice; Focus on boutiques and couture too!

Antebellum Kitchen: Great recipes to whet any appetite, along with cooking culture and food

Passport & Backyard Traver: Travel series (in conjunction with Vagabond Warrior)

Van&Gogh: Art on the Move

A-TRACK: My music, movie and book picks

*I will regularly post – some segments will run together in a series of posts, while other features will be weekly or monthly – we will continue to grow and make the site as easy to assess as possible.


This blog is tied to partner sites:

Vagabond Warrior – Travel Journal – Beatnik travel philosophy, practical advice and a chance to tour far away places in your web browser during your lunch break.

Mad Savages – a writing blog – where I will post short stories and publishing tips…

I also have several blogs on blogger, including a devotional blog: This Side of Paradise

I am jumping into Adele Belle – I will continue to improve and update the blog in between shifts as a full time retailer.  Thank you for coming along for the journey


– Practical features on a variety of topics about lifestyle: cooking (I love to bake – I am gluten intolerant so fellow Celiacs I’ll be posting savory recipes for you to indulge in), music (indie beats for the road), organization and decorating tips, fashion features, travel getaways..just a snapshot of some of the features.

– Create a vibrant blog community site.

– VOLUNTEER INITIATIVE – blog about volunteering and starting a mission to actively be involved in your community.

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