The dish on fashion, tips, building a better wardrobe, great looks for timeless style…sometimes a little retail therapy and soap opera drama (fashionistas love drama).

The StyleFILE will focus and men’s and women’s fashion.  I work in a men’s clothing store so I work constantly with men’s fine sportswear.  I’m a bohemian prep, vintage cool, fog in the rain – dancing in color and light sort of girl.  I like a lot of different fashion trends and am influenced by half a dozen styles.  While I’m a plus size, preppy meets wild adventure hike into the woods dress it up/down sort, I like to play with creative fashion and understand each person has their own style and preferences.

I hope StyleFILE informs you so that you can ditch what doesn’t work in your wardrobe and discover what speaks to you and makes your STYLE heart BEAT.

This segment will focus a lot on color and layering.  I also want to encourage the paradox of sticking to hard and fast style rules while being ready to take risks and break the mold.

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