Spring Cleaning-Mind.Body.Soul.Life

Spring is rising to its crown in only a few days.  Springtime weather has already blessed North Carolina this week with seventy degree temps and crystal blue Tar Heel skies and sunshine.  I noticed spring is breaking the icy thaw in the wild country of Montana that holds my heart – they have had unseasonably warm weather the past week.


Spring Cleaning is part of our vernacular – my grandmother used to change all the linens in spring and organize her gracious home for spring and summer living – to keep the house cool and open, breathing sunlight into the strong bones brick home.  For me Spring admittedly has not been my cleaning season.  I tend to be in a mad rush to get all my deadlines sewn up so I can take a few days off to watch March Madness and pray to God my team is not a one an done.  This year I feel the negative stale air in my apartment and I am ready for spring cleaning – sometimes you need time to sift through your belongings and take inventory of your life…with gratitude coupled with resolve.

In the spirit of Lent and the glory of the approaching Easter season I suggest that we all make Spring Cleaning a focus.  Restart your mind on getting your New Year’s Resolutions out of the trash bin and create an I can do attitude.  Figure out effective ways to clean out the ‘garbage’ from your life and take time to heal and release any toxic energy.  Be willing to take time to contemplate the spiritual hope in the changing of the guard – spring is about renewal – so focus on life.  What makes you happy?  What are your goals?  How can you achieve them? Dust off the lint and sweep up the dust bunnies.

If you are like me you have a to-do list that could stack higher than the Empire State building: lose weight, take more vitamins, try a new restaurant, get my books published, find an agent, do more bible studies, write my memoir…go hiking, travel…the list goes on.  I’m pretty bad at shaming myself and berating myself when the stack of papers is left to the dust.  Which is one reason I’m afraid to go through my ‘to do list’ – don’t beat yourself up if you feel overwhelmed or your timeline is not met.  Spring cleaning is mainly about defining priorities and simplifying things.

If housework is overwhelming your spare time – make a cheat sheet of how you can sneak in tasks into your everyday routine, take the extra five minutes to load the dishwasher at night – use the half hour between laundry cycles to prep dinner – you can figure out ways to make the routine work for you!  I love to write, but with a full time job and interests such as much and working out – my time is usually exasperated and I find myself exhausted.  I made a goal – to spend 15 minutes a day on each thing I love at least and maybe have a goal of one blog entry a week – if I do more = great – if not well at least I am moving forward.  I try to study for my Praxis exam when I’m at the gym.  Multi-tasking is a great solution as long as you don’t wear yourself out – it is okay to focus on one task at a time by prioritizing.

Take time each day where you can smell the roses and sip a cup of coffee – meditate on life’s wonders and dream about travel – this helps you to relieve stress – a great way to do this is a quick walk outside – even sitting in your office parking lot to get sunshine and Vitamin D is great therapy.

Be GRATEFUL – sometimes I’m a Negative Nancy because I’m an artistic analytical Type A-INFJ personality who likes to get things done but needs a breather from time to time – I tend to get overloaded by lack of progress – while still grasping the big picture.  I can beat myself up pretty good – I think the most important thing we can do in life is to be grateful.  Thank GOD for your blessings and be a blessing.  Yes trouble happens and spring has its showers, sometimes you have to dance in the rain and allow tears to fall down so the flowers can grow.

Be Proactive – Spring Cleaning is about your journey to reclaiming your life and that is a JOY! So being proactive means it is okay to take baby steps and you release when you clean sometimes you have to struggle with the grime a muck a bit before you can have your soul, yourself and your house and wardrobe in tip top shape.  I see Spring Cleaning as literal and spiritual.

In being POSITIVE – play great spring music (I have a Go-Gos meets Beach Music theme going on); I know some of you laugh at the sentimental sayings on cards and magnets you see at book shops – but take a second look at positive quotes – post sticky notes with words of encouragement – bible verses or inspirational sayings.  You can find some cool desk and fridge art to help uplift the mood and bring spring into your life!

When you are dusting up a storm, sometimes you will sneeze and it is a pain when you kick up the dust – I know spring cleaning is often a time for TAXES – if you need help with taxes go to a professional to guide you through the process or self-empower yourself with a book keeping course at a local community college or online program like Intuit so you can reclaim your finances and figure out ways to save – trimming so your financial tree with bud and blossom.

I’ll continue to go through some Spring Cleaning tips in the next few weeks ranging in topics from:

Clean your House – Clean your Life

Clean your Energy – Spiritual Healing of Spring

Clean your Wardrobe – we all need to figure out what pieces to flip, flop and chunk and what to invest in for warmer weather.

Operation Clean – so many topics…finances, health, wellness and more.  This should be a fun journey.  And of course you will need some reward for all this clean living – Spring Cleaning is more than dusting – it is learning, living, growing and planting seeds that will harvest life lessons.

What we’re listening to: The Go-Go’s ‘Vacation’

What we’re reading: Dr. Judith Orloff – Positive Energy and a stack of organization magazines and Real Simple archives

What we’re daydreaming about: Highway road trip in Low Country of SC

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