Messy Closet/Clean Closet: Step 2: Getting Rid of Junk

In our first edition of Messy Closet/Clean Closet in March we focused in on the first steps of empowering yourself to get sort through your junk and clunk it or treasure it.  We also discussed my personal debacle in a subsequent MC/CC post as I finally got rid of the deadweight of a storage unit that I held onto for over five years.  I understand the emotional pain and baggage of freeing yourself from clutter.  It is NOT EASY, but it CAN be done.  As I write this I am still sorting through boxes of my life – photos, yearbooks, scrapbooks, and junk – you don’t have to do it all at once (sometimes the one and done approach works the best because you execute the plan without fail) other times you need to take it piecemeal – the trick is to keep moving and to keep making progress.

I failed to mention in my last MC/CC post about removing your ‘dead weight’ – we discussed the possibility of a yard sale in our Spring Cleaning edition – this continues to be a fantastic option for getting rid of your trash that can be re-treasured.

If a yard sale won’t work for the ‘trash to re-treasure’ – I know with my storage unit we have thousands of dollars in antiques.  I was left helpless to sell the pieces in my until because I could not afford to hire a company to move the items to my home or even to a nearby consignment shop. As a single gal I find it hard to move heavy items on my own – and I am pretty strong and limber – but a 500 pound pure walnut chest of drawers won’t budge with my all my might.

Luckily in our case our storage unit is going to bring it to auction – which frankly I’m still bummed about because I don’t think the auctioneers get the true value of the piece.  We had a glorious etage owned by my family The Rhetts, Heywards…that passed down from Heyward Hall Plantation to our tiny condo and beyond – our storage unit owner thinks it is a $100 yard sale piece when the craftsmanship is easily $2000+ unfortunately I put myself in a position where I was dependent on this auction because of circumstances beyond my control.

Value your pieces – but don’t over value them.  If you have antiques – do some research and speak with several consignment shops and estate sale agents.  You probably won’t get the actual value of the piece because the antiques market is slow now – so I think if you have antiques and have to sell them – then make sure they go to the best home possible.  It breaks my heart thinking that my treasured family pieces will wind up in a bidding war with someone who doesn’t respect the piece – but it is an unfortunate loss I have to take.


Don’t allow yourselves to get in that situation – instead take time to research options for where to sell your furniture if it has more than easy sell value ($500 and below) – great places to sell included Used Furniture Stores, consignment shops and also on Craigslist (I’m more hesitant about CL given issues with accounts receivable)

If the pieces are not high resale value (i.e. antiques) but still in good, gently used shape then I recommend calling The Salvation Army or Goodwill to cart away the items as a donation for their outreach – it will do a world of good.

If the items are so damaged you just need them dumped – you can hire services like ‘College Hunks moving Junk’ and similar moving companies – they will charge you the city fee for dumping and the cost of moving – but it takes a load off your back.

Storage Buyers* websites bid on your junk to re-treasure it.

I’ll continue to update this post with links for services to help you get rid of JUNK.

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