Nashville to Asheville: Southern Flair

Throughout April join Adele Belle and our partner site Vagabond Warrior for a cultural journey from Nashville TN to Asheville NC.

This concept found its genesis in a recent road trip to clunk my storage unit (stay tuned Messy Closet/Clean Closet).  I have traveled the Nashville to Asheville road countless times in the past decade as I drove from my hometown of Raleigh NC to my alma mater Belmont University in the heart of Nashville ‘Music City’ TN. This trip allowed me to revisit the haunting beauty, mystery and wonder of Tennessee and Western North Carolina from a new lens.  The Nashville to Asheville vagabond journey has been a time honored tradition in my pilgrimage from the heart of Carolina to Tennessee time.  The traditions and culture of this richly diverse stretch of highway crosses over Native American to antebellum roots, art and music, American roots, folklore and homegrown cuisine.

The concept of Adele Belle/Vagabond Warrior collaborating on this series is to delve into travel itineraries, history, culture, art, food, architecture and fashion.  On Adele Belle, I will had Backyard and Off Road Traveler segments, along with fashion, food, art.  Adele Belle’s antebellum kitchen segment will feature homegrown TN and western NC recipes and restaurant highlights along the Nashville to Asheville trail.

I hope to post a new segment every day (or as often as time allows) – I’m working to build both sites up and I appreciate your sharing Adele Belle and Vagabond Warrior.  I appreciate your sharing this road as we create art in motion.

On a hot torrid summer day in Middle Tennessee, nothing tastes sweeter and refreshes the soul quite like a fiddle and bow coupled with FRUIT TEA.  Fruit Tea is as Tennessee as the Tennessee Waltz or Rocky Top – it is part of the fabric of the state, particularly Nashville.  Fruit Tea has a time honored tradition, even Rachel Jackson (Andrew Jackson’s wife) had a fruit tea recipe*.  Everyone has their own take on the sweet concoction – some prefer the fruit to be light – just a dash of pineapple and lemonade others like the fruit to be heavy and sweet – Nashville eateries each have their own take on Fruit Tea.  As we travel in Music City will explore tons of fruit tea recipes to soothe your Tennessee hankering for a drink.

To get started on Tennessee Fruit Tea and grub I recommend a stop by The Loveless Cafe on Highway 100.  This was my old morning stomping ground before a hike on The Natchez Trace.  You can find their fruit tea recipe on the link above.

Stay tuned to my Tennessee favorites on Antebellum Kitchen…and our travel adventures in Nashville…Middle Tennessee…East Tennessee…to the Carolina Highlands.

Music for the Road: We will be traveling the roots of Americana and as a music lover it will be impossible for me to make a list short enough to do justice to the infinite number of talent in the corridor between Nashville to Asheville.  I’m going to start with a song that is a bit country and a bit mainstream – it is shows that this is open territory for music – it grows wild and free.  I love this Lee Ann Womack song because it symbolizes a lot about my time in Nashville and my own journey to leave the music dream and chase down the open road – I’m slowly making my way back to music and believing in my abilities again – it is a journey.  To me no road trip is complete without a ‘mix tape’ – yes I’m old school – but music is a soundtrack to our lives so I hope to incorporate great tunes from mainstream and indie artists throughout this journey.  I am hoping to focus on local and regional groups as TN and NC have a storied and diverse folk music heritage.

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