Easter Blessings

Spring is here, bunnies are hopping and birds are chirping and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Soon the glorious celebration of Easter will be here.  Easter is a time to rejoice, give thanks and celebrate all the blessings of life abundant in the emergence of life out of death.  Growing up in my household, Easter was a celebration of faith and love – Christ served as the focus.  My Grandmother Ruby had a beautiful garden filled with brightly colored daffodils.  Daffodils are some of the first flowers to bud and illuminate the dry cold ground with color.  Daffodils are a symbol of Christ’s resurrection and HIS peace, a sign of glorious renewal.

Easter is a time of peace both spiritually and from the secular standpoint.  No matter what your beliefs I think we can all unite around the hope in love and compassion of grace.  We all can approach Easter with a heart set on love, giving thanks, positivity, generosity and time spent investing in our community with family and friends.

Easter is a blessing and a reminder that you can turn the darkest of days into a symphony of light through peace, joy and love.

The celebration of rebirth is a great opportunity to take time to take stock of your life…following our theme of SPRING CLEANING…you deserve some soul therapy.  Remember to love yourself, forgive others (forgiving doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge the pain – but you turn it over – you don’t let it control your thoughts), spend time with friends and always be willing to help a stranger in distress (you may be entertaining Angels unawares).

I will be blogging about fun Easter celebration ideas this week including recipes, arts & crafts, fashion and more.  This week is the last week of Lent.  In the Christian faith – this is the darkest weeks in the world, it is darkest before the light.  A good way to contemplate Christ’s resurrection and the natural rebirth around you in spring is to give thanks, to look inward and also to clean out the clutter from your lives.  Cleaning out clutter is a big theme on Adele Belle, but I think it resonates this week.  In fact I’m taking the plunge #MessyCloset/CleanCloset and driving to Nashville on Easter weekend to get rid of most everything in my storage unit.  I have paid $7,000 to keep furniture and sentimental pieces – while it is important to hold onto heirlooms and things that matter to you – remember when something holds you down – it is better to let it go and tread a new road – lighten your load and trust God and your own intuition and critical thinking skills to help you discern a new way forward.

This week:

-Take fifteen minutes a day to pray, meditate and journal

– Forgive – I am adding this in because I have faced betrayal, hurt, pain and grief the past decade – that while I’ve remained optimistic – the pain leaves a residue – while I trusted the JUSTICE of God I let the pain gnaw at me.  In psychology you learn that forgiving someone is not saying what they did is okay or even that you should have a relationship with them.  The gift of forgiveness is for us as much as the transgressor.  When you keep anger and bitterness in your heart – it lets someone live rent free in your mind.  Let it GO – that doesn’t mean you condone – or don’t acknowledge the lessons of the grief – but that you learn from the loss and realize it is a void that can only be filled by love and peace – not resentment.  This has been a hard lesson for me – which is why I share it during this final week of Lent.  As a Christian I think of Jesus’s pain and suffering – yet he forgave – would we?  Whether or not you are a person of faith psychologically forgiveness is key – it helps you move forward and take on your dreams.  So let the depths of darkness die this week – cast away your anger and allow love’s light and hope renewed to move into your heart.

– Do something to pay it forward (buy someone a coffee at Starbucks – leave a bag of groceries in the food bank bin at the grocery store, volunteer…and take your bin of old items (from your #MessyCloset) to a local outreach center (Salvation Army/Goodwill)

– Lots of people adopt bunny rabbits at Easter, not realizing that these animals are an investment of love and time.  Instead of adopting a bunny without full consideration donate to local humane association or ‘bunny rescue’

– Do Arts & Crafts with family

– Contemplate on the renewal of spring, by planting seeds – we used to plant Sweet Peas in Montana on Easter weekend.  Make a goal to nurture and care for the seeds.  Many churches now have community gardens were they give their crop to a local homeless shelter or food bank – DOING GOOD doesn’t have to be complicated.  A little pray flies like a dove across the miles – a little song lingers in the hearts of men – a little food sustains a soul for another day.

I’ll do a piece on some volunteering ideas this week.  Do something that joyful speaks from your heart…in one interpretation of the translation of Genesis I – it says God carved out part of HIMSELF to create the world.  God through Christ is a sure path to salvation but God more importantly calls us to heed the will of Christ – who was a servant of love who was willing to give himself fully to help the lesser.  Be a Good Samaritan – not for ego or a pat on the back, but because it is the right thing to do.

Growing up Episcopalian we would make crosses out of palm fronds on Palm Sunday.  I found a great video on YouTube detailing the process.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you - John 14:27  ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.

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