Spring Health: Walk on the Bright Side

Spring Cleaning: Walk on the Bright Side

Today I had it with my cleaning projects.  I threw down the box of clutter and said ‘okay I need some air.’  Spring Cleaning is about getting rid of old negative habits and moving forward into fresh opportunities – make room for living in your life.  It is essential that as you clean your life – you make a habit of getting outside and making time to WORK OUT and ENJOY the natural splendor of the Great Outdoors.

I have always enjoyed working out because it burns off negative energy and empowers my positivity – that being said the past few months – ice storms, stress, financial crunches have left me dizzy and I neglected my workout regimen.  We all fall into this trap – with great spring weather (or perhaps a snow storm in the Rockies #BigSky got pounded with snow ideal for the #skiers) the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air is NOW.

When it comes to working out I like to keep it simple.  Training and endurance is important – but unless you enjoy your workout you won’t stick with it.  One of the most uplifting workouts is walking.  I love to walk and hike.  It is what makes me a vagabond warrior.  I have hiked over 500 miles of wilderness in our National Parks.  In Montana I dedicated 10 miles a day to walking and hiking…my job in retail in Raleigh has me on my feet all day so going on a walk is the last thing I want to do when I get home.  That changed this week.  I put all my energy into going on a two mile walk after work.  As fatigued as I was the sunshine, fresh air and dazzling sunset as I made the final steps back home – inspired my soul and gave me a lot of energy.

While we’ll go into additional workouts and walking routines – I wanted to focus this snapshot health post on encouraging you to step outside and get some fresh air…be it walking in the neighborhood or playing hoops…frisbee at the park…just get out.

I even support a boombox dance party to The Cars and retro-modern music tunes in the backyard – JUST DANCE.

Get outside.

Here are some colorful pictures from my three mile city walk today in Raleigh:

IMG_1066 IMG_1069 IMG_1071 IMG_1073 IMG_1074

Fletcher Park has a Water Garden – which a great urban stability community builder.  Parks are assets to our communities – spring cleaning also involves giving yourself in service and being willing to turn a new leaf in helping others – volunteering with a city park clean up or event is a great way to meet new people, invest in community, help a great cause and have fun.  You receive in the art of giving, the act of giving makes you grow roots of empathy and love.

What to wear?

Walking in your neighborhood requires comfortable and breathable clothing.  Active Sportswear is ideal if you are running and power-walking, but I personally prefer outdoor casual wear.  I love a pair of Columbia pants or my Land’s End Starfish pants (Yoga pants with a little more style that are easy to wash and wear) – I think a shirt with sun protection is key.  Columbia has a great selection of these shirts. I’m notoriously cold even in hot weather so I always wear a hoodie (a Carolina hoodie during this March Madness week) or a light windbreaker or fleece.

Women’s OuterSpaced™ Full Zip Hoodie - Plus Size - Harbor Blue - 1546923Women’s OuterSpaced™ Full Zip Hoodie - Plus Size - Harbor Blue - 1546923-view 0

Shoes: Go to your local athletic shop – I recommend LOCAL because usually they are more aware of the fit you need for your shoe and take time to make sure you get the best fit.  I’ll do a shoe fit feature in a future style guide to help in this process.  I personally like Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost.  I have a size 11 shoe with a need for neutral gait and a lot of support.  Brooks is my favorite go-to for walking shoes, but it all depends on what is comfortable and practical to you.

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