Antebellum Kitchen: Super Green/Superfruit Salad

Spring Cleaning is more than cleaning your closet and changing your wardrobe it is about freeing yourself of any negative energy that is holding you back.  Spring Cleaning is a wellness check demanding you to take control of your spiritual and physical health.  I have a thyroid disorder so my weight has always been a source of discontent.  I have been to over ten doctors looking for proper care for my thyroid.  I continue to persistent – you have to be an advocate for your health.  Trust medical advice, and be willing to ask questions too.  If a doctor is not seeing you as a person and reviewing your total health – listening to your questions and concerns and addressing them with assertive empathy – then you might want to look for a new doctor.  I had to do this with my current doctor when they failed to acknowledge my test results indicated an autoimmune disorder, which I was later diagnosed with.

One of my core focus points on Adele Belle is providing useful information to empower you to live a healthy and positive life.  I know the struggles of staying in shape and maintaining healthy practices.  While I’ve always been active and a healthy eater my big boned stature has often left me depressed and I’ve experienced depression and fear.  I put this out on the web because we all have physical ailments and psychological ailments we need to heal.  The Lenten Season – a crossroads of winter into spring is a great time for self-reflection and purging negative habits from your life.

Antebellum Kitchen segments will feature healthy and delicious food options to empower your health without sacrificing taste.  I chose the name Antebellum Kitchen because my cooking style is rooted in my southern roots for homegrown delicious flavors, innovation and a blend of diverse influences.  All of my grandmothers loved to cook and each had their own special flare in the kitchen.  My Grandmother Ruby was raised on the best of the farm to table south – with her cornmeal fried kitchen and ambrosia; my grandmothers Sally and Sara were renowned caterers in Savannah and Raleigh – with gourmet south meets homegrown modern.

As a cook I am simple.  I have a lot of food allergies, but that doesn’t mean I sacrifice tastes.  If anything my food allergies force me to push the boundaries of cuisine and dig a bit deeper into food.  I like organic, locally sustainable food  – food to share and savor with friends and neighbors.  My forte is baking.  While my tiny kitchen prevents me from baking the way I would like to – I think baking is one of the great gifts God gives us for cultivating peace.  The trick is sharing your ‘bread’ and when you bake cupcakes – keep one, give the rest away.  Baking is all about sharing and in ‘breaking bread,’ coming together in conversation.  Food and people makes for a great life 🙂

I will explore organic recipes that don’t break the budget and how you can incorporate delicious foods with health benefits into your diet.

My kitchen is cramped – it is a nightmare of space, so I have figured out easy ways to make dinners without investing a lot of time and effort.  One of my go-to meals is salad.  I love salad, I know a lot of people might not be in my camp, but salad is a bowl of possibilities.

One of my favorite salads is a Super Green Super Fruit Salad.  My eye doctor told me to incorporate Kale into my diet to help fend off from macular degeneration – she suggested Kale smoothies – I’ll admit I was not content with eating Kale everyday at first – especially in smoothie form – still my eyesight is too precious to forsake so I have started a Kale regiment.

Kale is one of the best foods you can eat – it is packed with anti-oxidants, fiber and lots of vitamins to protect your eyes.

Super Green/Super Fruit Salad:

This salad is a mix of Kale, Spinach and Romaine.  I usually add cole slaw too (plain – I’m strange I don’t like it with mayo or vinegar).  I typically purchase the salad prepackaged at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter or Costco from Earthbound Organics or other similar trusted organic lines.  I have a tiny kitchen so this is more convenient for me.

Image result for kale

I add cheese, usually a blend.  Just a pinch of organic cheese to add flavor and protein.

I then add a 1/4 cup of blueberries (good for your memory, skin and just about everything else including your tastebuds); 1/4 cup of strawberries (make sure to buy organic and wash thoroughly – strawberries are notorious for having pesticides) 1/4 cup blackberries

I take a boiled egg (I stick with organic if possible) and crush it over the salad – the lutein in eggs are great for your eyes

I then add sliced almonds and a little pinch of sesame and ginger.

Voila – yummy green/fruit salad – you can add grilled chicken – I often buy the rotisserie chickens and use them for two days worth of meals (tacos anyone, fiesta salad) – I rarely have time to cook chicken now 😦 so this is a healthy and easy option on a budget.

I recommend olive oil for your salad – olive oil is super healthy for your heart and actually in some studies is proven to help your body burn fat – plus it is gooey and yummy.  I like Zoe’s Kitchen’s Olive Oil blend – so Greek, so GOOD

You can add Greek yogurt with the salad if you desire too!

We’ll continue to expand and provide great recipes and healthy living tips on adele belle –

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