Dance with your dreams

Dance in the stardust.  Let the moon brighten the night.  Sweet low, in silent night.  If you cry, cry like shooting stars making a wish.  Love is a grand design in architecture – a sure foundation, love gives and gives – it doesn’t break.  Let the light of love triumph in the fire red sun rising in the east, a new dawn has begun.

I am writing this nascent post with no real direction.  I have thousands of ideas floating in my head.  Recipes, music, travel, organizational advice…in the end I launch my first post is a poem.  Adele Belle is a project of passion and unfortunately in the beginning it will be haphazard as I take small steps in my free time to writing, researching and posting an eclectic lifestyle blog.  This is a dream, a wish on a star, I am going to keep shooting towards the moon and hopefully a little magic will ensue.  Stay tuned as I ignite this spark!

Travel – Food – Home – Garden – Music – Books – Movies – Locally Owned – GREEN LIVING – the sky is the limit

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